Preparing Youth in Foster Care For Success

“Reach for the Stars” Scholarship

Reach for the StarsProviding opportunities for youth in foster care to participate in normal teenage activities is a reachable goal. The Reach for the Stars scholarship program is an investment in the development of interests and talent of youth currently in and transitioning from foster care in Hillsborough County.

The scholarship program is for youth ages 14-23. Scholarships are awarded to help young people pay for education, transportation and extracurricular activity costs.

Young people can use the funds for anything that helps with education, employment, transportation or extracurricular activities. Some examples of how funds can be used include:

  • Tuition
  • Drivers Education/Transportation
  • Attend a Special Event Such as camp or prom
  • Enroll in Art, Sports Dance, Music program or club
  • Uniforms or other vital resources for employment
  • Living Expenses

A Two-Way Investment

Just as donors invest in young people through the Reach for the Stars fund – Reach for the Stars recipients are responsible for completing community service hours as a way to do their part to earn their scholarships. This teaches young people the importance of working for their rewards and giving back to the community that has given to them.

You can support Reach for the Stars by donating:

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Connection with Education Highlights

We understand and emphasize the impact education can have for youth and adults over the course of their lives. With the help of our dedicated teachers, support staff, and volunteers, Connected by 25 has been able to foster a culture of care and high expectations for our students that has translated into 71 graduates since the programs inception to August 2014 and counting!

We are extremely proud of the hard work the students have put in and they have subsequently been rewarded with something that can never be taken away from them, an education.

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